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Frequent questions

– Do not lift weight.

– Do not sunbathe.

– Do not raise the arms above the height of the shoulders.

– During the next 4 weeks.

Our prostheses are guaranteed for life, as long as the guarantee is requested and registered according to our guarantee protocol, at most up to a week after the surgery. For more information check our Guarantee section.

Mammograms are equally reliable. However, it is advisable to warn the radiologist before performing the mammogram, in order to adapt the study to this circumstance.

Our prostheses last for life, and have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The rupture of the implants is highly unlikely and can occur in very specific circumstances such as an accident in which the capsule is broken. In no case can a prosthesis be broken traveling in an airplane. The greatest likelihood of rupture of a prosthesis is in the surgical act.

The size of the prosthesis is a decision that is made jointly between the patient and the surgeon depending on the height and build of the person to be operated, always tests are performed in front of the mirror using a trial prosthesis so that the patient can know how the result will be before the surgery.

The scar can remain hidden behind a bikini, so this surgery is not usually an inconvenience to sunbathe. If it is taken without a bra, it must be protected for at least three weeks and until one year it can be exposed to the Sun by applying always a sunscreen.

The prosthesis can last a lifetime. In no case can a fixed period be established after which the change of the implants is required. Patients operated more than twenty-five years ago have not required replacement surgery, except in exceptional circumstances or in cases such as capsule contracture. It is recommended to make the usual mammographic revisions to check their condition and consult when there are modifications with respect to previous studies.

It depends on what type of surgery, surgery to correct the ears very projected can be performed from 7 years. Breast, nose, etc. surgeries, it is preferable to wait for the growth stage to be completed, which on average occurs after 16 years.