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Breastfeeding after breast augmentation with implants:

In most cases, it’s possible to breastfeed after breast surgery. However, this depends on the type of surgery that has been performed and how it has affected the milk ducts and nerves in the breast.

In the case of breast augmentation surgeries, there is minimal impact on the ability to breastfeed as the communication of the lactiferous ducts to the nipple is not severed. There are some factors to consider:

Sin embargo, existen algunos factores a considerar:

1. Implant placement: If the implant is placed behind the pectoral muscle instead of under the mammary gland, it’s less likely to affect the ability to breastfeed.

2. Implant size: Larger breast implants can exert pressure on the milk ducts and make it difficult for the production and flow of breast milk.

3. Surgical incision: Depending on the technique used during surgery, there may be a higher risk of damaging the milk ducts and nerves in the breast.

It is important to talk to the plastic surgeon before surgery to discuss concerns about breastfeeding and to obtain specific information on how surgery can affect the ability to breastfeed. In some cases, the surgeon may take steps during surgery to preserve the milk ducts and nerves, which can increase the chances of successfully breastfeeding in the future.

You can also seek support from a lactation specialist for guidance and additional advice.